We Do Have A No Money Down Loan
Program That Is Still Available
For Help With A No Money Down Home Purchase Loan
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Loan Program Guidelines Are Subject To Change!! 

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The Loan Program Below is Currently NOT Available

Maryland First Time Home Buyer Home Loan
(Does not have to be a fisrt time buyer though, others are welcome to apply)
NO MONEY DOWN to $417,000
Direct Fannie Mae Approvals Usually in 1 Hour!

First Time Home Buyer Home Loan in Maryland
Available to Other Buyers Too!

No income limitations!    No pre-payment penalty!

New Fannie Mae Low Rate Loan Program!

Question:Can I really by a home with nothing down?
Answer. YES!  We offer this -NEW-  Fannie Mae Loan Program!

Get Approved Today

Borrower (s) only has to have $500* of their own funds towards closing costs!  Gifts are allowed!  Seller can pay closing costs**!   Yes you can buy a home with only $500* total cash needed! 

*UPDATE: May need ZERO cash!   Ask us! 
NEW - Seller can pay up to 6% towards closing costs!**
**Seller limited to 3% on some programs

IMPORTANT:Call Us Or Have Your Realtor Call Us BEFORE Entering Into A Contract!

How can I apply? 

All loans will be submitted through , who will then upload to the FNMA Automated Underwriting System / D.O.  Loan Decisions In Minutes!  Why wait weeks or days for an approval?  Get approved today! 

Owner Occupied  First Time Buyer Loans in Maryland.  Not in Maryland?  We recommend that you check out LowRateMortgages.com, to get connected with a Lender or Broker in your state. 

Generally, this program requires good credit.
We did not say that it requires excellent credit, it does not. 
A few blemishes or even a discharged bankruptcy may be allowed! 
 No cost to find out if you qualify! 
Other guidelines may apply.  Call Today for more information!
Apply By Phone, And Get An Answer TODAY, Usually Within An Hour! 

Complete Our On Line Prequalification Form And Get Started Today!

Other guidelines may apply Call Today for more information!

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If you are outside of Maryland,
please click here, select your state and 
check with the lenders licensed in your state.

Maryland First Time Home Buyer Home Loan Mortgage Loan in MD