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 Available for Single Family
Detached or Attached,
Condo's & PUD's 
Benefits include...
No Verification of Reserves
No Assets Verified (unless needed to close)

On Line Refinancing Pre-Qualification Form

Stated Income Loans/ No Ratio Loans Are 
No Longer Available In Maryland
Effective June 1, 2008
(new state law)

Available to both W-2 wage earners & Self Employed as: Full Doc, Stated Income or No Ratio...(Minimum credit scores apply)

Our "Full Doc" / no reserves verification option requires only a year to date paystub for wage earner, only one year personal tax return for self employed or commissioned!!!  This isn't a misprint!!

Stated Income Loans Are 
No Longer Available In Maryland
Effective June 1, 2008
(new state law)

Our "Stated Income" / no reserves verification option allows debt ratios of 45% / 45%. See F.A.Q. page for debt ratio definitions...

Our "No Ratio" / no reserves verification option leaves the income section of the application blank.  We don't ask.  Debt ratios are not calculated...

Again, with all three options reserves are not verified unless funds are needed to close (closing costs can usually be financed...)

For wage earner Full Doc we don't ask for W-2, tax returns, bank statements. Nothing except a Y.T.D. paystub...

Some restrictions are....(others may apply)

Must have owned for at least one year...

Loan must be a rate / term transaction...

New payment or loan term must be decreasing to use this program...

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