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In Maryland, we  can usually go to 65% LTV, to 70% LTV on exception...

These are almost always Full Doc loans (No Doc may be available)...

A good credit explanation is required...

We will not put someone into a worse situation...

We recommend legal advise from an attorney as soon as possible, he or she can discuss options that you may have available to you...

We would be happy to supply some attorney names and phone numbers...Robert Brilliant 410-268-6801, Rex Calwell - 410-268-6801, Mike Foster, 410-643-4000. 

IF in Maryland, call our office for a confidential consultation, we will do everything in our power to try to save your home...
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Guidelines Are Constantly Changing

If you are outside of Maryland,
please click here, select your state and 
check with the lenders licensed in your state.

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