No Ratio Loans - No Longer Available
(Income Neither Stated nor Verified)
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Loan Program Guidelines Are Subject To Change!! 

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On Line Purchase Pre-Qualification

On Line Refinancing Pre-Qualification

We offer several different No Ratio programs.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!

On these the income section of the application is left blank.  We don't ask.

NEW We now go to 90% or 95% with high middle credit scores!

The most popular requires above average credit and offers the lowest rates .  There is a reserve requirement.  With superior credit the reserve requirement can be waived.  Rates are generally the same to 1% higher than the standard Fannie Mae rates depending on the discount points and other factors.

The others require average credit and do not have reserve requirements.  They are also known as NINA loans (No Income No Asset Verification).

There are loan to value and other restrictions on these loans, it is best to call the office or with your situation.  We offer free phone consultation. 

More coming soon...

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