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A word about refinancing...

Conforming Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Programs to $359,650 , to 100% LTV, 95% LTV or 90% CLTV (see F.A.Q. for LTV definitions).

Cash Out Refinances to 95% with superior credit, one loan with low rates. 
Cash Out for any reason...   New! 100% CASH OUT ONE LOAN NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE!  CALL US! 410-643-0222    888-643-3659 

Cash out up to 100% is available under a different program.

These loans generally require good credit and two months P.I.T.I. (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance) in reserves after closing.

Underwriting can be flexible with additional reserves and / or lower loan to value ratios.  Previous bankruptcy is allowed under this program with some restrictions...

Be sure your Zero point quote is really a Zero Point quote...and not really adding the points in with the loan amount.   A customer called us in November, she had received a No Point No Closing costs below market quote from another company (it ended up being a five year balloon loan) on a $65,000 loan.   We reviewed the Good Faith Estimate.  The closing costs were over $6,000!!! They were financing the points (5 on a no point quote) and other closing costs and considered that a no cost refinance!!!

We simply DO NOT do business that way...

Make sure you are receiving a TRUE Zero Point quote from the competition.  Ask if there are discount points or other lender or broker fees.

If a rate quote sounds to low to be true, it isn't.  A typical bait & switch is the "30 year fixed" quote way below market.  At closing the borrower discovers that the "30 year fixed" has a 5 or 7 year balloon payment.   See F. A. Q.'s for balloon payment definition.

Be sure to print the Application Checklist...
but keep in mind we do NOT need everything on the list
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