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Introductory Pricing For 2019

Mortgage Company EXCLUSIVE Listing ONLY $120 per year.  Only 1 Mortgage Company per county!  If you have a favorite Title Company, Home Inspector, Realtor, Water Testing Lab, Mover, Cleaner, etc. we can see if they are interested in a listing on your county page.  Check out the Queen Anne's County page , Calvert County page or Anne Arundel page an actual example of an Exclusive Mortgage Company Listing.  Click Here to pay with PayPal.

Please check out our Queen Anne's County web page for more examples of column listings.

Ad will be linked to Business Website or where requested i.e. special landing page. 

Column Ads will be placed left or right subject to space availability. 

400 w x 265 h Ads middle column only (see below). 

The number of Ads is limited! Column Ads will be rotated on a regular basis.  All Ads will be on the top of column several times a year.

Advertisers have the First Right of Refusal to renew the following year and each year thereafter.  Ad Size Examples and Pricing for an Entire Year:

150 x 200
$100 Annually
Only $100 Per Year Per County
150 x 300
$150 Annually
Only $150 Per Year Per County
150 x 400
$200 Annually
Only $200 Per Year Per County
400 w x 265 h $250 Annually
Only $200 Per Year Per County

We can create Ad no extra charge, or you can supply Ad.

Changes To Ad:

  • No Limit To Ad Changes - Change Whenever Needed
  • $12 Fee To Change, We Will Update Ad or you can supply new Ad.
You can even pay for any updates with PayPal  Click Here.

If requested Advertiser may also have an Informational Web Page on the MarylandLowRates.com website with links to their website.

Don't delay! Please contact Burt TODAY!  Space is Limited And Selling FAST!

Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here.

Call or Text 410.739.1511 or Send Email to burt120@gmail.com

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MarylandLowRates.com  Frequent Questions

Why should I advertise on this website? The MarylandLowRates.com (MLR) website is designed to attract visitors who are looking for a mortgage loan to purchase in a particular Maryland County, or to build, rehab or refinance in a particular Maryland County.  Visitors to the website who are new to your county will be made aware of service providers such as yours, and visitors to the website who already live in your county (who may not be familiar with your business) will be made aware of the services you provide. 

How long has the MarylandLowRates.com website been online? Since 1998.

How much does an ad cost annually?
Pricing for 2019 through 2022 per county (annualy):
150 x 200 pixels $100 a year
150 x 300 pixels $150 a year
150 x 400 pixels $200 a year
400 x 265 pixels $250 a year

Are ad spaces limited? Yes, there are a limited number of ad spaces on each county page.  Please don't delay, if possible make your payment today. 

Will MLR design my ad? Yes we can design your ad, and provide updates when requested.

How much does it cost for MLR to design it?  $0.  We can design your initial ad no charge.

How often can I change my ad? As often as you like.  There is a $12 fee for each change. We will update your ad with any changes.

When will my ad expire? Ads purchased in 2019 expire in 2020, on the last day of the month purchased in 2019. Example: if paid on 7/12/19 the ad renews or expires 7/31/20.

Will I have the option to keep my ad in 2020? Yes, we will contact you prior to expiration. You will have the option to keep your ad for another year, at the 2020 price.

Will I ever have the top position on my county page? Yes, ads will be rotated.  Column Ads at bottom will be moved to the top, which will push the top ad down to 2nd from top, etc.  All ads will have the top position at least once a year.

How can I get started?   Contact Burt by cell or text 410-739-1511 or email burt120@gmail.com with any questions.

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