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FHA Home Mortgage Loans
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Loan Program Guidelines Are Subject To Change!! 

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On Line Prequalification

Here are the basics on FHA insured mortgage loans SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Borrower needs at least 3.5% into the deal, call for details.

MIP financed on top of base FHA loan amount.  MIP is an upfront mortgage insurance premium charged by HUD.  That premium is based on the credit score.

No Income Limits on FHA loans!!!

This FHA Loan Program allows some isolated slow credit. 

Each county has maximum loan amounts for an FHA loan.  Click on and complete our PreQual Form, and be sure to list the County and State in the required fields.

Owner Occupied Only...SFD, PUDs,  Townhomes or Approved Condo Projects

Seller required to pay some closing costs, call or email for details.

FHA also has a great cash out refinancing loan program!

Other Guidelines Apply And ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, 

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check with the lenders licensed in your state.

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